December 20, 2014

Dear pointB,

I got my A because I became a good consultant for the underdeveloped communities after this course. My ego, selfishness, impatience, discrimination, pessimism and such kinds of negative attitudes ran away from me now! I’ve changed a lot. I think people around me are much friendlier. I do realize what the word “Empathy” means. Though I was a short-tempered lady in the past, now patience and making friends are so called my super powers. Everything around me is attractive and life becomes much more meaningful. Most people admire me and rely on me.

I am named as a good listener. I spend lots of my time talking with people; especially those having mental problems such as they lost their properties, one of their loves passed away, family broken cases etc. My design thinking skill improves a lot more. I make new interesting handmade things and also train local woman how to make them. I do know that everything is possible and I can do it.  I can solve problems very well. Feelings like fear and emotion are just strangers for me now. I’ve found myself.

Well dear pointB, the six-month course helped me change to a new lady. Now I’m a good consultant that was once my big dream! I know that I need much more to learn in the real world. I will try myself to be able to create more chances for the underdeveloped communities applying the knowledge and concept that you put in my brain.

Change Agent