Guided by our curiosity, love and passion, pointB design + training was founded in 2012. pointB is co-founded by an educator, a designer + an engineer. We believe that the social issues and challenges we face today require different minds focused on a common vision. 


At pointB, we support change agents — people who want to create positive change in their communities. We’ve worked alongside change agents in Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Cambodia, South Africa, India… and the one thing these catalyzers have in common is that they face a lot of challenges.

For the last 14 years, we have supported change agents along the Thailand-Myanmar border who are working with displaced people from Myanmar in refugee camps and migrant communities.

As Myanmar opens to democratic principles, pointB is forming a global team of educators, designers, health workers, marine scientists, policy makers and developers who will guide our educational programs and projects on the ground.





Rochelle is guiding the creative approach and vision of pointB. Her work introduces a design-thinking approach to humanitarian development in Myanmar, which focuses on action (learning through doing), empathy (understanding real human needs) and complexity (creating tools, processes and methods that are more accessible and user-friendly for local populations). Rochelle has worked on the border of Thailand and Myanmar as the Communications Director of World Education, supporting local civil society organizations to enhance educational programming and fundraising efforts for displaced people from Myanmar. She began her career as a copywriter and designer for an agency in NYC, where she worked on cause-related clients such as the Gates Foundation, Obama Campaign for America, Nike Foundation, CREDO mobile, and CAA Foundation. Rochelle has over 10 years experience in the field of design and story. She has authored three children's books, most recently The Story of Hungry which was adapted into a campaign featuring Jeff Bridges to support Share Our Strength and hungry kids in America.





Greg is leading a team of local trainers to deliver innovative workshops and trainings. His work uses business models and visual frameworks to support local community organizations as they look to contribute to a new Myanmar. Greg has extensive experience developing education, community and organizational structures. He has worked for over 14 years for World Education, most recently as the Country Director in Thailand, directing 50 staff with a $1.7 million annual budget funded predominantly by USAID and UNICEF. These programs focused on delivery of education services to displaced people of Myanmar living either in Thailand or eastern Myanmar. Greg is a passionate student, teacher and coach with over 27 years of experience working in education in Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and the United States.





Sandy is coordinating life and learning at the Design-Thinking Center for Community Engagement at Mawlamyine University by facilitating collaboration between local partners and multi-ethnic change agents during their residency with pointb. Sandy is a renaissance woman with a degree in mechanical engineering with over 14 years of experience in emerging energy systems. She has lived in Asia since 1989, where she worked with NGOs in both information systems and training before devoting her full attention to fine art, photography and of course, pointB. Sandy has worked closely with local artists to build and nurture a space for creative expression on both sides of the Thailand-Myanmar border. She is a true advocate of the arts — transforming artistry into a powerful tool for community engagement and change. As an artist, Sandy has held solo exhibitions of impressionistic photography internationally and has published a book entitled, “Dreaming of Prayer Flags — Stories and Images of Bhutan.”





Naw Tha Ku (Mie Mie) is training local trainers to develop their techniques in visual-thinking, design and facilitation for community development. She is Karen ethnicity from Myanmar and joins pointB after working for six years training teachers, school directors, communities, PTAs, parents, trainers and community-based organizations on the Thai-Myanmar border. Naw Tha Ku has spearheaded nonformal education and child protection networks for migrant communities in Thailand. She has her master’s in Elementary Education from Spicer Memorial College in India.




Sein Sein Lin is training local trainers how to use art as a vehicle for community engagement, peace building and cooperation in Myanmar. Through her work with pointB, Sein Sein Lin mentors young adults to develop their skills in visual communication, ideation, drawing, prototyping, photography and storytelling. Sein Sein Lin is Burman ethnicity from Myanmar and is a fine artist in batik, ceramics and painting. She previously worked with Youth Connect in Mae Sot, Thailand where she supported young adults to get on the path to independent employment in the arts; and to make unique, beautiful handicrafts that represent a fusion of cultures and styles. Sein Sein Lin’s art has been exhibited in Thailand and Canada. She received her bachelor of arts in painting from The University of Culture in Yangon, Myanmar


board of directors




Andrew Scadding brings his wisdom, good cheer and clear thinking to pointB. Andrew has been raising funds and awareness for charity since his first job in 1967. His work has supported diverse causes including disability, homelessness, development, prisoners of conscience and children. As a board member, Andrew is focused on guiding pointB’s partnerships and fundraising efforts in the UK and EU. Andrew is currently the Chief Executive of Thai Children's Trust (formerly Pattaya Orphanage Trust), a position which he has held since 1999. Andrew's works supports the mission of Thai Children’s Trust to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Thailand and neighboring countries from the British and Irish public and Charitable Trusts and foundations.  Thai Children's Trust supports organizations caring for the poorest and most vulnerable children in Thailand. This includes children who are orphaned and abandoned, children with HIV, children with disabilities and child refugees. Andrew also chairs the Trustees of the Esther Benjamins’ Trust, a small UK charity, which works to combat child trafficking in Nepal, and to help the repatriation and return home of Nepali children who have been trafficked into India.





Sandee is infusing her experience, passion and knowledge in providing assistance to Myanmar into the strategic guidance of pointB. Sandee has been the Chief Executive Officer of Community Partners International (CPI) since August 2013, leading CPI in achieving its mission to improve health and education in Myanmar. Most recently, Sandee was Burma Program Manager for USAID, where she managed a cross-sectoral program portfolio including primary healthcare, maternal child health, local civil society strengthening, livelihoods/food security, microfinance, non-formal education, child protection, and water, sanitation, and hygiene. Sandee previously served as Advocacy Coordinator for an International Rescue Committee program aimed at building the capacity of local community based organizations to address health and education for internally displaced persons, migrant workers and refugees along the Thailand-Myanmar border. She received her PhD from University of Maryland in International Education Policy, and her MA from Georgetown University.





Sonya Blazey is the designer behind pointB’s brand identity. As a board member, Sonya is fostering pointB’s interactions between design communities in the US and local community organizations in Myanmar. She is based in NYC, where she also works as a Senior Designer for a prominent design agency. Sonya is responsible for multiple brand identities, including Share Our Strength; Let’s Move!, Michelle Obama’s child obesity initiative.






Aaron is the designer behind pointB's website. As a creative contributor, he seeks ways to make pointB's web presence visually engaging and communicative. Based in Western Massachusetts, he runs a design studio in downtown Northampton, helping small businesses, agencies and non-profits better communicate their offerings and reach wider audiences. He began his career working with agencies and start-ups in New York, where he cultivated an interest in typographic design and branding.